Huntington Beach

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With Disney wrapped up, it was time for a more relaxed day. So we drove about 10 miles to the beach. The girls were so excited to run on the beach, play in the ocean, and collect shells. As expected by the parents but not by the kids, the water was pretty cold so we opted for staying dry. However, … Read More

Thanksgiving at Disneyland 2008

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Last day at Disney so we figured we ought to beat the crowds and get to the park when it opened. So we packed up everyone so we could be over there by 8 AM sharp. When we arrived, the park was practically empty as compared to prior days. A nice change! So we quickly made our way to the … Read More

Universal Studios

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For a break from Disney, we headed out to Universal Studios for the day to see if we could catch up with some of the kid’s other favorite characters. Luckily, the park wasn’t nearly as busy as Disney so everything was quick and easy with no lines. We even found characters wondering around without any kids nearby. Awesome! First stop … Read More

Christmas at Disneyland 2008

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After the full day at Disney’s California Adventure, we headed across to Disneyland to catch the Christmas parade and hit a few more rides before calling it a night. While we were able to get front row for the Pixar Parade, the crowds were several deep 45 minutes before the parade began! We found a spot and settled in for … Read More

Disney’s California Adventure 2008

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Ready for day 2! We decided to head across the lot to Disney’s California Adventure today. A new park for us. Nobody has ever been there. But we didn’t even make it inside before taking a photo of Reagan with “her letter”. The letters spelt out California. The older sister was mad there was not an S so she was … Read More