Disneyland 2008

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Reagan went to Disney World last year for her first trip to the famed park. It was Halloween so there were decorations and other special things to see and do. This year, we are at Disneyland for our annual fall vacation and guess what? It is Christmas at Disney! She thinks the themes are part of the program. Check out the castle.


Everything is decorated for the holidays including the characters!


One thing we didn’t have were “mouse ear” hats. So we got some and had their names put on the back (free!). Reagan is so into Pirates that we figured that was an easy choice for her but she opted for the tiara one and Sydney went with the pirates. I will never figure these two out.

Reagan was so excited to go to story time with Princess Jasmine! Her favorite — usually. It changes every 10 minutes.


The big thrill of the day for the kids was going into the Haunted Mansion because it is all decorated up with The Nightmare Before Christmas movie theme. Everything has been redone to match the movie. Pretty cool! We just enjoyed it on the first time through. Will try and capture it the next time through. Or the time after that. Or after that.

The decorations on Its a Small World are the big attraction. So much so that we didn’t want to wait in line today for it. We will be back for that. We have a 3 day pass!

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