Blizzard ’09

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Reagan was very excited to go play in the new snow today — for about 5 minutes. I guess when your body fat percentage is 0, you don’t have much to keep you warm. However, she had worked up an appetite apparently and had to indulge in her new favorite snack. Raw cookie dough.

Happy Green Day

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Reagan got a card from Nana this morning and she was very excited about it. First the puppy on the front got a coloring makeover. Then he was taken to school with her. She walked into class, went right into the circle of kids and proceeded to show everyone the card.

Disney On Ice

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Reagan got dressed and was ready to go. Oh, and Baby Pluto just had to come along! We took the girls to see Disney on Ice yesterday. I think this is the 3rd time we have gone to the show. Seems like we are at the real Disney every 2 years so this is a mid-cycle visit. As always, the … Read More


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It was super hero day at gymnastics but Reagan would not wear the cape that she made. It was too painful around the neck I guess.