No More Rock

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Today, I took Reagan in for another X-ray to check the status of the magical fairy rock. She had a couple of accidental flushes this week so we weren’t sure if the rock had escaped or not. Here’s a shot of the most exciting part of the X-ray according to Reagan, holding your breath! Here’s a side by side comparison … Read More

No Rock Yet

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Reagan just got another x-ray and the rock is still in there. It is moving very slowly. Hopefully, another couple of days until she poops it out. We are running out of plastic utensils.

I Wanted Fairy Powers

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I took Sydney and Reagan to dinner and a movie last night. When we got home at 9PM, I was pretty tired and ready to relax. Told them to go up and brush their teeth and go to bed. I started finishing up some work and kept hearing feet running around and talking. GO TO BED! A bit later, Reagan … Read More

Return of the Brown Girl

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Aunt Natalee came into town this past weekend for a visit and a little jog. Soon after she arrived, we packed up the truck and headed to Leadville, Colorado for our weekend in the highest city in the USA. We went out to Turquoise Lake on arrival and the kids spent time splashing in the lake. The water is straight … Read More