I Wanted Fairy Powers

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

I took Sydney and Reagan to dinner and a movie last night. When we got home at 9PM, I was pretty tired and ready to relax. Told them to go up and brush their teeth and go to bed. I started finishing up some work and kept hearing feet running around and talking. GO TO BED! A bit later, Reagan comes down and starts whispering to Kim and they go upstairs together. What now? So I followed. Reagan was showing Kim this handful of rocks. Ok. What’s the problem? One is missing. Where is it? She ate it.


Yep, she ate a gold one. She felt fine. Just was embarrassed. We told her to get in bed. Kim and I tried to figure out what to do. We googled a bit and it seemed like you have to be sure the rock went down into the stomach and if its too big, it can block the intestine. Back upstairs! Got Reagan in the car and drove over to the ER. Calmly walked in and said, “My daughter ate a rock.”

Longmont United Hospital

The Longmont United Hospital staff could not have been more…kind. They made her feel like the star of the ER for eating the rock. Everyone wanted to come see her with her little doll she brought along. She had the rest of rocks in hand so she could show them all what she ate. Many wanted to know why she ate that color one vs. another. I still was in disbelief until the x-ray came back and showed the 21mm mass in her stomach.

Longmont United Hospital

The good news was that it went into the stomach, as opposed to a lung or something. It seemed small enough that she would pass it so they sent us home. We need to be sure it gets out of there so that involves checking poop for a few days. If we don’t see it, then a follow-up x-ray maybe next week to see if it is stuck. She might have some pain and discomfort while trying to pass it.

So on the way home, I was trying to be calm now that the scare was over. I asked about it again and Reagan started telling me about how the “crystal” — not just a rock — had special fairy powers that she read about in one of Sydney’s books. From there the story got weird but I think the basis was that she thought it might be cool to eat it and see what happens. I could have told her how the story ends. Shitty.