No More Rock

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Today, I took Reagan in for another X-ray to check the status of the magical fairy rock. She had a couple of accidental flushes this week so we weren’t sure if the rock had escaped or not. Here’s a shot of the most exciting part of the X-ray according to Reagan, holding your breath!

Xray girl

Here’s a side by side comparison of the rock last week and today. As you can see the today x-ray no longer has the rock. Sydney is going to be so mad. It was her special rock and she was hoping to save it from the toilet.

Reagan's Xray

But hey, that’s not the end of the story. According to the xray… and the constant tummy aches…her poop is now hard and compacted. We don’t know if this is from the rock blockage or her fear of pooping out the rock. So today Reagan gets her very first enema and starts a three day round of laxatives. You’ve never seen a kid so excited to get an enema. The box has pictures showing the naked positions of optimal enema placement. Hilarious to this 4 year old. I on the other hand am just looking forward to the end of my toilet patrol.