My New Friend

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Whenever it’s Dad’s night out with the girls, bad things happen. So we went to the pet store to find something for the dogs. Wandered into the fish deparment. Sydney wanted a new snail for her fish tank. Good idea. Algae away! Then Reagan started asking, “Can I have a snail too?”. Well, Reagan, you don’t have a tank and Daddy doesn’t want to maintain another one. She went on to explain that the snail could just live in the plastic bag that they give you the snail inside of. That would be a nice home she thought. Suddenly, the light bulb went on — we headed over the Betas. I showed her exactly 1 of them and she was sold. She carried him to the cashier and was ready to take him home. She walked across the parking lot of busy cars carrying the fish — comes in a plastic cup with a lid — cars were stopping and laughing. One lady leaned out and yelled, “Precious cargo!”. Everyone was excited to see this 4 year old take her first step into the big world with responsibility of a fish. We got home, set up the tank, and put the fish inside. Fancy Betas like this are boys. So I said, “Reagan, what’s the fishy’s name?”. To which she responded, “Sara”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Sara Fuller.