My First Summit

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Kim and Sydney headed out to one of Sydney’s classmates birthday party. Leaving Peep and I with some quality time. I asked her what she wanted to do. She listed a few things like board games in the basements, riding her scooter, and watching a Barbie movie. She doesn’t know her Daddy very well. So I told her we were … Read More

Puppet Show

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I took the kids to Discovery Days today and spent most of it watching a puppet show where various members of the animal kingdom fought to the death.

Scooter Queen

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While Sydney is off on the bike, Reagan tries to go after her but can’t keep up. So she rolls back home and waits for Sydney to pass by again. Hopefully, this torment will encourage Reagan to get on a bike soon too. However, I am not sure I could stomach Peep riding around on a bike just yet.