Daddy Daycare

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Kim’s step-father Ron passed away. We decided it was best if Kim and Kayla flew to Indiana to attend services. That would leave Sydney and Reagan home. Alone. With Dad. What?


I got to take Reagan back to gymnastics — which I used to do back in the day when I had to actually participate in class with her!

Airborne Gymnastics & Dance

But for extra “wear them out” points, I took them to the pool that evening!


We had movie night with friends too!

Century Boulder

On the last day, they saved Denver from a rather large blue bear that had attacked the convention center.

Denver Convention Center

We wrapped up the day picking up my registration for the Denver Marathon the next day. The girls had a great time collecting all the schwag!

Denver Convention Center

Kim arrived back home that night — relieved to find out that I hadn’t set the kids off in a large silver helium balloon to float over Colorado!