Oahu – Day 1

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Spring Break is here! This year we decided to do a return trip to Hawaii. Reagan hasn’t ever been to Hawaii but her older sister has. Of course, Sydney doesn’t remember an ounce of it but that doesn’t stop her from telling Reagan about how Hawaii is magical. Whenever we joked that we couldn’t go on vacation for some reason, … Read More

Nap Time

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We had to run to Target to stock up on swim diapers and sunscreen for the upcoming spring break in Hawaii. Reagan was being an unusually stubborn and whiney pain in the you know know what. When I suddenly noticed how peaceful things had gotten. What happened to Reagan? She had curled up under the shopping cart and fell asleep. … Read More


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One of Reagan’s favorite meals is “Cheese and Crackers”. Its actually one of those Lunchable things but that’s what she calls it. Her lazy parents just let her tear them open from time to time because we want her to eat something, anything. Still skinny! Anyway, years ago, she just would eat the bologna out of them and throw the … Read More

Bike Rider

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I came home from my run and Reagan was out on her bike riding with the big girls. How cool is that! Last year, she wanted nothing to do with this bike while watching Sydney learn how to ride on 2 wheels. Now, she loves flying down the street. Next, I will have to talk her into giving up the … Read More