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One of Reagan’s favorite meals is “Cheese and Crackers”. Its actually one of those Lunchable things but that’s what she calls it. Her lazy parents just let her tear them open from time to time because we want her to eat something, anything. Still skinny!

Anyway, years ago, she just would eat the bologna out of them and throw the rest away. Later, she started taking bites out of the cheese block that comes with it. From time to time, she polishes off the cookie. Never cared for the crackers until recently.

So then I started giving her a hard time because this isn’t a 4 course meal. You are supposed to make a sandwich with the meat, cheese and cracker. Kids aren’t keen to that idea. Well, suddenly today, she said she wanted to show me how she now eats this meal. So I give you — the full 5 course in one stack!