Oahu – Day 6

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It was our last full beach day, so we headed back to our favorite spot. The kids played in the sand and surf for hours. I went down the street and brought them back Cold Stone ice cream for lunch. How can you beat that life?


When it was time for Kayla to take a swim, Reagan really wanted to ride with her on the floaty. I had to keep knocking her back because the floaty was going under. Reagan loves the water as long as her head is above it.


Later, it was time for surfing again. I asked Sydney but she declined. But Reagan was jumping up and down to go. That’s my girl! So we got the big board again and did the same routine. We had to promise Kim we weren’t going out so far but we didn’t comply. It just isn’t that deep and you get moving…and and. I took a video camera to capture some of the action this time.