RV Trip – Million Dollar Highway

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After one night in Ouray it was time to pack up and move on to our next destination. Today our drive would take us on the road nicknamed the “Million Dollar Highway.” This was the one road we were a bit nervous to take the RV on. Supposedly there are some wicked curves and steep dropoffs. But, our driver did a great job once again. Only a few moans from the back seat today. The highway got its nickname from the great views along the way. We of course stopped and took a few pictures throughout the day.

Here is the family (minus the sleeping baby) as we say goodbye to the town of Ouray below us. I think you’ll see why we love it so.


We would get out for all sorts of vista points. One of the more impressive was this huge waterfall. I am not good with distances but it was definitely one of the higher waterfalls I have seen in Colorado. You could hear the great force behind the water.


Here are a few shots from the various vista points along the way.


There was a sign posted here calling this the “Switzerland of the Americas.”


The girls would start crying due to the cold winds. But its amazing how a hug and a photo with Mommy can cheer them up immediately.


We stopped in the small town of Silverton to take a lunch break and spread out our legs. There was a bustling little shopping district for such a small town. One had to wonder how they were able to support all the stores. We weren’t there too long before we figured out how as the train pulled in and hundreds of people disembarked. Apparently you can take the train from Durango to Silverton. Seems like a huge tourist attraction that we will have to keep in mind for next time.


The kids picked up some good posters from the friendly ranger station and we were on our way to the next campground. If you have to spend the day driving, the Million Dollar Highway was definitely the way to go.