RV Trip – Leadville

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After leaving the Sand Dunes we decided to head towards our next destination instead of staying at our reserved site in Hooper. The pool was closed for the day for cleaning and there was not much of anything nearby. Our next stop would be Leadville. Daddy would be running in the Leadville 100 training camp for the weekend. We booked a site at the Mayqueen campground directly on Turquoise Lake. This would be a new one for us. We normally camp on the other side of the lake. But, given this was to be a trip about new adventures we decided to give it a try. And lucky for us we did because it was great. Not as woodsy at Silver Dollar campground. But you had lake views and easy water access.

The first day we ate in Leadville and took Daddy to his training camp sign up. We took it easy the rest of the day. Kids rode their bikes/scooters around the campground and made some friends with the neighboring kids. We also made more campfire s’mores.

The next day Dad was off to his camp most of the day. Mommy and the girls spent a few hours playing at the lake. The water was freezing but the big girls seem to be immune to the temps. They found themselves off in imaginary places while wading from rock to rock in the shallows.


Reagan bought herself a new buddy earlier in the trip while in Lake City. Pelican Pumpkin Panda, named solely by Reagan, was at her side at all times. I was often called out to get a picture of her and Pelican Pumpkin together. Here she is keeping him warm. He is pretty cute.


As Reagan was off playing in the lake I was told that Pelican Pumpkin needed to take his nap. No worries, we found the perfect resting spot. Reagan made sure I took a picture so she could later show him how he looks sleeping.


We then got into a bit of a rock throwing contest. It was Mom and Reagan against Sydney. We would grab the biggest rocks we could find and throw them in the water close to the enemy. The goal was to see if you could make a splash big enough to soak your opponent. I think its easy to say Reagan and I won big time. We had a better element of surprise. We then headed back to the RV for lunch. Afterwards, the girls (and Pelican Pumpkin) spent more time riding bikes and scooters while Kayla and I watched from our blanket.


Then being the Mom that I am, I had the girls pose for a few shots around the campground. And being the little girls that they are, they ran around looking for the best spots. You know who was there too!

We had the “rickety old fence”


The “Pelican Pumpkin swinging from the trees”


That’s all Reagan was up for. She had to be moving on.

The next morning Dad would be running around the Twin Lakes area. So we opted to have him drive us all there and we would hang out in Twin Lakes. So we plopped the kids all in Mom and Dad’s bed and Dad drove us to Twin Lakes. All while the kids were sound asleep. We were running low on milk and breakfast supplies so we hoped to buy more at local store. But, nothing was open. One woman who rented out cabins must have felt bad for us because she invited us in to eat with her customers. Very nice.


Other then that there wasn’t much to do. So we hung out in the RV and played games until Dad got back. Then we packed up and headed out for our final destination, Home!

So what did we think of RV’ing. The kids loved it. The parents loved it. Never a complaint. It was great having all your stuff within your constant reach. Easy to pull off into any parking lot and eat, go to the bathroom, or just relax. We will definitely be doing this again. Probably even next summer. Not ready to buy one as you can only use them a few months a year. The rental is definitely the way to go.

Video for our time in Leadville.