California Day Two – Monterey Bay Aquarium

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After our day at the museum we got into the car and headed over to Monterey Bay for the weekend. Monterey has always been one of our favorite spots and the kids love it as well. We got in late but the kids were ready to explore so we did a quick hike along Cannery Row in the dark. The next morning we woke to cooler weather so we decided to spend the day at the Monterey Aquarium. Its been a few years since Reagan has been back to Monterey but the aquarium always proves itself as a great aquarium. As always the girls had a great time. We didn’t get too many photos of our day but here is a shot of the gang at the aquariums outer deck. Always a great photo spot.


After the aquarium we stopped for some ice cream at Ghiradellis before taking the girls souvenir shopping. They had their allowance saved up and it was burning a hole in their pockets. Another great day!