Snowy Shoes

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Reagan posing by our new Leadville fireplace. Downtown was quite snowy! I talked everyone in to a snowshoe outing at Turquoise Lake. Didn’t have much expectation given the variety of ages. If we all actually get geared up and walk a 1/2 mile, its a win. Ready? Heading out. Wyatt taking a break already! Had the road all to ourselves … Read More

Leadville Ice Skating

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On Sunday, the kids decided they wanted to go ice skating. This time Kayla and Kim joined us. Previously, they were in the middle of nap time and didn’t join our snowy adventure on the sledding hill. Leadville has a nice ice skating park at the west end of 5th street. Its a couple bucks and you can rent skates. … Read More

Leadville Sledding

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Back in Leadville for the long holiday weekend. I gave the kids their choice of about a dozen snowy activities for Saturday. The winner was SLEDDING! So we grabbed our two sleds and headed over to Dutch Henry Hill about 1.5 miles from home. This hill is the start of the Leadville 50 mile trail run that I did in … Read More

The Cabin Rocks

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This past weekend, we made our first 2011 visit back to Leadville. The title of this post reflects what I saw written at the top of Sydney’s notebook/journal for her weekend in Leadville. Glad everyone is enjoying it so far. Its been a lot of work but Kim and I are trying to cram as much in each weekend as … Read More