Sweet Pea Princess Party

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Tonight our American Heritage Girls Troop was to have our next big troop event, a Sweet Pea Princess Party. Sweet Pea is from the loved Veggie Tales series. They partnered with American Heritage Girls to teach the girls about the importance of inner beauty. The older girls in our Unit had planned out tonights events for the younger girls as part of their badge work. They did a great job and the girls all had a blast together. We were able to loan out our basement for the big event. We had to clear out the room and make way for the various princess stations that the girls would attend. Each station held one leader and one big girl. Soon the girls starting arriving all dressed in their princess best.

There was a Tea Party station. Where the girls would learn about etiquette and proper manners.



There was an Art Wisdom Table. Here the girls learned how to draw pictures of owls and they discussed the Wisdom of the owl.


There was a beauty station where the girls had their hair and nails done. Here they were also each given a pair of jeweled earrings.


And there was a dancing station where the girls were taught the Virginia Reel. At the end they were also taught to curtsy which was cute.


After the stations we ate dinner together and then settled in to watch the Veggie Tales Sweet Pea Princess Movie. The last event of the night would be the crowning ceremony. Each girl would be crowned a “Sweet Pea Princess.”



The girls all had a really great time together. We are so lucky to have such a great group of sweet little princesses in our troop. Its been such a great experience for us all!