Easter 2011

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It’s Easter time once again. This year we decided to play it low key and stay home. We had a busy weekend planned with it also being Reagan’s birthday. On Saturday we hit our two local egg hunts once again. As always is was cold but that didn’t stop our hunters.


Of course we also colored Easter Eggs. The two big girls seemed as though they were growing tired of this craft so I see colored eggs coming to a close for these two. A sad day.


Since this weekend was also Reagan’s birthday she had the pleasure of bringing Mr. Lizard home from school. This is a big deal in kindergarten. You get to do all sorts of fun activities with Mr. Lizard, take pictures, and then write an entry about what the two of you did together. Mr. Lizard chose a great weekend to visit us. He helped color Easter eggs….


took a bike ride…


and even got to meet our two new neighbors. 3 day old baby calves. They were kind enough to give him a “cowback” ride.


Sunday morning the girls awoke to find their Easter baskets filled with goodies. Reagan scored some more Squinkies from the easter bunny. As well as a chocolate bunny. One of her favorite treats.


The weather man predicted snow this morning so the Easter Bunny opted to hide his eggs all over the house. So the kids searched all three floors for hidden bunny surprises. As always the egg hunt was the best part of the day.

Video of the action…