Reagan’s Birthday Party

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Reagan decided to have her birthday party at the gymnastics place this year. We took a year off from the sport this year to give Mom and baby Kayla a break from all the running. But, the big girls really missed the activity. So this was a great time to be crazy in the gym.

We started the day off with some stretching. Gymnastics teachers are always really big on the stretching. While the kids tend to get bored during this time.



Next we moved over to the circuit. This included everything from trampoline, rope swing, somersaults, and more. It was a great all around be crazy time for the kids. Oh, and you gotta love Reagan’s outfit!



Next was the ever popular parachute. The kids take turns climbing the bubble mountain, jumping in the “popcorn” and running around underneath. Still a favorite activity at six.


We ended the gym time in the foam pit and trampolines. The kids took turns flipping and jumping into the foam. Often times almost right on top of each other. Luckily no one was hurt to to the cushiness of the foam.



Next it was time to head to the party room for cake and presents. Reagan boycotted a cake this year so the kids filled up on glazed donuts and create your own sundaes from Cold Stone. I think the ice cream was a big hit.



When it came time for presents the kids were all eager to get the first look at the loot. They all crowded the birthday girl and were VERY anxious to see what treasure would next be revealed.


At the end of the day the kids all piled together for a big group hug. It was really something for a Mom to see. We are so lucky to have met such great friends for Reagan this year. When they are all together I can tell they all love Miss Reagan.


I hope you had a great birthday! Love you, Reagan!