Zoo Field Trip

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In kindergarten you don’t get too many field trips. So today was a special day for these kiddos. Reagan’s class would be spending the day at the Denver Zoo and Mommy got a chance to tag along. We spent the day walking around with Reagan’s best buds Alejandro and Grady. Both boys have given marriage proposals to Reagan but she just can’t decide which one to choose. A good day at the zoo together just might make that decision easier. Along the way we would run into her two teachers so Mom took the opportunity to capture the moment.


This was after-all a school activity so there was of course homework involved. The kids were given booklets which contained certain things they were to spot. An animal with a long neck…a polar animal…a large animal…an animal with wings, etc. Our group took this very seriously and were always spotted with booklet and pencil in hand.


Here they are watching their marine animal. They were heavy in concentration as you can see.


They also had to take pictures of six of their favorite animals along the way and later share them with the class. Here is one of Reagan’s picks. Fun day with the kiddos. I always enjoy being involved with my kids and their with school activities. I look forward to many more.