Our Graduate

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

For Reagan, the year of kindergarten has come to an end. I’ll never forget a meeting we had as new kindergarten parents where the teacher says, “Your child will really grow up and mature this year.” We kind of laughed it off. Its just kindergarten, not that big of a deal. But, here we are once again with our little girl who has really blossomed and is becoming her own little person. All after a year of kindergarten. The saying is true.

So tonight we dressed Reagan up in her cap and gown and headed to the school to see her walk down the aisle with her friends. She was so excited and ready to go.


We dropped Reagan off in the chapel and took a few minutes to take pictures of the kids dressed up in their gowns. We also got one final picture of Reagan with her two teachers.


We left Reagan with her teachers and went to find a seat in the auditorium. Soon the graduating class was proceeding down the aisle together. Reagan had a huge smile on her face the whole time. It was really cute.


The kids did a quick show to let us parents see what they have learned this year.


Then it was time for diplomas. The kids were each called down by their teacher to receive their diploma and hugs. They also were given one word which the teachers thought best described each child. Reagan was described as “Playful.” I think they pretty much pegged Reagan on that one.



After all the names were read, Reagan ran back to her parents where she was greeted with some flowers and a graduation puppy. She was really surprised and loved the special attention. She soon declared today the “Best Day Ever.” We took a pic with her bud Ale before heading outside.


One more picture of the graduate outside with better lighting. I think you all can see just how proud this girl was of herself today. She did awesome.


After graduation we let Reagan pick her dinner place of choice. To our surprise she picked 3 Margaritas, our local mexican restaurant. We figured it would be mac-n-cheese somewhere. To which she responded. “Mom, I’m six now. I like to try new things.” Oh, of course you do honey! We’re so proud of you!