Meet Yoshi

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Last weekend we were having a neighborhood garage sale. During the slow time I would do yard work since I had to be outside anyway. My cats were meowing at the front door incessantly because they wanted to be outside. So as is normal for me I was meowing back at them. Sort of had a good convo going on between us when…..I noticed a teeny tiny meow mixed into this mix. So I go check it out. As I get closer to the front door I hear a faint meow off near the back fence. Upon further inspection I find this little guy tangled in our Clematis vine and the fence.


We kept the kitty confined to our bathroom while we put up lost kitty posters. And the girls made sure to check on him at least every five minutes to make sure he wasn’t scared. The kitty was named within hours so I had a good feeling he had found his home. Little Yoshi has made quick friends of his new big sisters. He is incredibly friendly and loving towards even a scary toddler. He even lets Kayla carry him around by the neck, which makes Mommy freak out. He hates to be alone and cries for the kids when they go to bed. Anyway, I think its safe to say we lucked out with this little guy…and vice versa.