American Heritage Girls Campout

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This weekend was our first annual American Heritage Girls Camping weekend. The girls were really, really, really, looking forward to this weekend. Both because there would be camping, which they love, but also because the girls from our troop would be there too. I think there ended up being about 10 families there all together. We reserved camp sites all … Read More

Leadville with the Sandovals

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This week we finally had our friends the Sandovals up for a two night stay at the cabin. The kids were really looking forward to having some friends sleepover in their bunk beds. They all took turns sleeping on the top bunks so the fighting was kept to a minimal. We are lucky they all get along so well. The … Read More

Nana and Papa Visit

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Well, given that as I sit down to write this blog entry it is actually mid-September, I’d say its safe to say we are behind our blogging duties. So I may not remember all the actual fun details. But, at least its finally up in cyberspace for future reference. Our summer kicked off its start with a visit from Nana … Read More

Independence Day

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This past week was our first week long stay in Leadville. WIth school and other kid activities it just hasn’t happened yet. The week started off with Daddy’s race. The girls happily went along to cheer Daddy on to the finish line, as long as it would be followed up by another visit to the rock store. Part of my … Read More