First Grade Invades Build-A-Bear

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Today I had the pleasure of escorting Reagan on her First Grade Field Trip to Build a Bear. If you didn’t guess already this trip is a BIG deal. I missed out on this trip with Sydney as I was pre-occupied with a brand new bundle of joy. So I was super excited to tag along this time. The kids were able to pick from three different bears. The color of choice was this little guy.


The kids were all so well behaved as they waited their turn at the stuffing machine. The great staff kept the kids busy with a game of hot potato. Although, you actually wanted to be stuck with the potato because that meant you were up next. Here is Reagan creating her Cookie.


Next up is the bath and fluffing station. Cookie is looking pretty good now.


Here is the gang all ready to go. Notice the smiles. Who wouldn’t be happy after a great trip like this.


Now, the fun part to come is that Reagan will have monthly “bear days.” Cookie will be able to join Reagan at school for Recess, Reading time, and special fun dress up days. How fun it is to be in First Grade.