Nation’s Day

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The month of October at our school is dedicated to educating the kids on different cultures. Each class picks a different country and learns everything there is to know about the cultures, geography, etc on their chosen country. This year Reagan would be studying France. This means lots of crescents, grapes, and cheese for snacks. And lots of French paintings for crafts. Here is Reagan’s rendition of one famous French painting. The name, not sure? I always knew she was an artist.


On the last day of the month our school would celebrate the Nations with a school wide Nations Day celebration. First thing in the morning we were invited to the class presentations on their various countries. Reagan was all dressed up in her French attire including the beret. Adorable!


The final event of the day would be the Parade of Nations. The kids paraded the school hallways and outside perimeter to show off their costumes. Always a kid fun filled day at our school.


Video of the presentations.