Thanksgiving Class Craft

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This year I once again have the pleasure of being the first grade craft Mom for Reagan’s class. I took this on with Sydney only because no one else would. But, I soon found that I loved it. It is a great way to get to know your kids classmates. And a fun way to spend a little extra time with your kid while at school.

Today was our Thanksgiving craft. This holiday has always been a hard craft find for me and I never like what I end up with. Maybe by the time Kayla hits first grade I’ll have his one down. Anyway, this year we made a “thankful” wreath together. I found foam leafs cutouts at Michaels. We glued them together with glue dots and added what we were thankful for. Problem being that after a bit the glue dots lose their stickiness. At least they did for me and Reagan. But, the kids all loved the craft. They all love talking about the ones they are thankful for. So it was still a good time by all.