American Girl

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Mom and Kayla left early for Fort Wayne this year which meant Dad would be alone with the two big girls until school was out. Could he handle it? Well, I think he remembered to pack everything for school. Dinner was a different restaurant every night. And just because he wants to be the cool Dad he even made time for a special trip to the……American Girl Store!


Now while I had heard of this place before, I didn’t know it was such the big deal. Denver added this store to our collection just a short while ago. There were news reports of lines around the building. Luckily Dad went on a school night to avoid the rush. The girls had been seeing ads for the dolls come in the mail and immediately wanted one of there own. What, you hate dolls! Mom would say. Apparently these aren’t just any dolls. Score one for Dad. He definitely won the cool Dad award for this one.

Here is Reagan and Molly waiting for their plane to Indiana. Happy to say they made quick best buds.