Back On Skis

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Reagan, Sydney and I went skiing at Ski Cooper today. Its such a great family spot. Reagan had our kid’s skis so we had to wait in line forever to get Syd’s rentals. I try my best to minimize time from car to first run because it just seems to drain the enthusiasm. Reagan’s was going quick. She really wasn’t that keen on skiing this season. She always takes a big amount of coaxing to do anything. Then she usually loves it and cries when its time to stop.

This season, I have Reagan wearing a backpack with two tow ropes coming off of it. I hold these and ski 6 feet behind her. This keeps her from flying downhill. I can also turn her right or left to help guide her as she learns the side to side action. It went pretty well.

Unfortunately, I ran over her once as she fell in front of me and I couldn’t react fast enough. Now, I ski slightly to one side.

I literally had my hands full all day with Sydney and Reagan and never managed to get an action shot of Reagan. My bad. But she wouldn’t let me leave her long enough to get it.