Tooth Two

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After the long agony of tooth number 1 taking forever to come out, this one just popped out at school. Reagan came home with it in a baggie.

American Girl

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Mom and Kayla left early for Fort Wayne this year which meant Dad would be alone with the two big girls until school was out. Could he handle it? Well, I think he remembered to pack everything for school. Dinner was a different restaurant every night. And just because he wants to be the cool Dad he even made time … Read More

Caroling with AHG

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Today our troop went back to the local retirement community for some caroling and Bingo. This would be Reagan’s first year here as a Tenderheart so she was anxious to see what this was all about. We started off with caroling. Not sure that Reagan could read fast enough to keep up with the others but she looked the part. … Read More