Thanksgiving Class Craft

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This year I once again have the pleasure of being the first grade craft Mom for Reagan’s class. I took this on with Sydney only because no one else would. But, I soon found that I loved it. It is a great way to get to know your kids classmates. And a fun way to spend a little extra time … Read More

First Loose Tooth

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Reagan has her first loose tooth and the thought of pulling it out has literally got her in tears. No rush right! Well, that was until it became so loose that she bleeds when she eats and it hurts to chew. Dad finally said enough is enough and got out the string. What do you think Reagan thought of this … Read More

Halloween 2011

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The favorite holiday of the year is here. And the costume of the year…. Early in the month Reagan had decided she wanted to be Pikachu for Halloween. Pika-Who? I had no idea who this was so it took a little bit of research and a lot of searching to find this get up. Lucky for us we found one … Read More

Nation’s Day

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The month of October at our school is dedicated to educating the kids on different cultures. Each class picks a different country and learns everything there is to know about the cultures, geography, etc on their chosen country. This year Reagan would be studying France. This means lots of crescents, grapes, and cheese for snacks. And lots of French paintings … Read More

AHG Family Game Night

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Tonight was our first annual family game night. Each family was to bring one or two of their favorite games to share. I have to say I wasn’t too excited about his event. But, it turned out to be a great night. The kids all had a blast just hanging out with each other. Reagan was all over the place … Read More