Grandpa Visits and RMCA Day

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Grandpa Coburn is here again for his annual visit. We started the visit out with some good ole fashion playground time. The girls are always happy to have someone new to show off their abilities to. And Grandpa is more then happy to give them their due “Oohs and Aahs.”


Papa, Papa, look at me!



The main reason for the visit was RMCA day, also known as grandparents day at our school. The girls always really love showing Grandpa around their classroom and showing off their various projects. Here is Reagan and Papa with her paper on family. Quite appropriate for this event.


Reagan also had her sarcophagus on display. This is always a fun project for first grade. It literally took weeks to finish. I think she did a fantastic job!


After the open house we were lead to the auditorium where each class gave a presentation to all the visiting family. Our school teaches using a classical education approach which means the kids learn lots of chants or songs to help them learn various science, history or other facts. Its amazing how much this helps in memorization skills.


At noon the school caters a great lunch for everyone provided by one of our school families who owns the local Pasta Jays Restaurant. It is a great little italian joint in downtown Boulder. Always a favorite stop for us. After lunch the school broke out into various activity stations. There were jump houses, inflatable obstacle courses, those big balls the kids climb into and run around, face painting, portrait studios, etc, etc. Our school always goes way out for this family day. And we are always so happy to have Grandpa around to show off our school. Until next year!