Field Day 2012

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Today was the much anticipated Field Day event at school. Reagan was super excited about today because this would be the first time she would be able to participate. Kayla and I had music class in the morning so we were not able to attend all events. We arrived about half way into the morning. We spotted Reagan’s class right away on the zip line and headed over to check it out. But, as we got there Reagan was no where to be seen. After a few minutes we spotted her teacher who was really happy to see us. She had just come back from taking Reagan to the office. Apparently, field day was a bit overwhelming for Reagan so she took her to the office to rest. I walked in to find a teary eyed Reagan. This year they had gotten rid of snack breaks during the morning. The events were too much for one with such a small frame and no snacks. So we went straight upstairs to her classroom and found the snack I had packed.


After about a 10 minute break she was ready to give field day another try. I promised to stay with her for a bit to make sure she was doing okay. The first event up after snack was a race around this course. This kid was on fire. The snack was just what she needed. She was now all smiles and energy.


And happy to say she won the second place ribbon for the event. Way to go Reagan.


Each station was a designated amount of time. Once all kids had their chance at the event the rest of the time was left for play. Reagan took full opportunity of this time for some more practice with her friends.


Next up, a game where you had to jump over the river. Each turn the river got slightly bigger. Reagan got out mid game but she had fun.


Now that she was out she had the chance to say hi to her cheering team.


Other events included the jump rope race.


The afternoon was spent doing several relay races between grades. Here is the whole lower school enjoying their day.


In one of these races the kids had to run to one end of the field, drop their shoe, run back to the other side, then run back to find their shoe. A funny event to watch unfold. Later I was told that this is a common game during gym class.


So after a little snack to energize our athlete, field day was a success. Their were many other events but these are the ones I saw. The rest of the day was all about being outside and having fun with your friends.