Lake Tahoe

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A few months ago Daddy found out he was accepted into the Western States 100 race this year. But the question for the family was, “Do you want to come?” Let’s see, it takes place around Lake Tahoe which was part of our old stomping grounds. Kids have never been there. Mom and Dad love it there. Why not make a family trip out of it?

After checking into our house we went to South Tahoe for some dinner. The Lake was right across the street so we all walked across to enjoy the views.


Another cold mountain lake, yes. But, our kids are used to this and they jumped at the chance to take a swim. So, the next morning we stopped over at Pope Beach for a little beach time.


Reagan won the award for the most outgoing kid today, maybe a first for her. We dared her to go out deep in the freezing water and she was eager to go. Not, even Sydney would go in as long as Reagan.


The next day was consumed by Dad’s pre-race requirements. But, while Dad was busy the girls found other ways to keep themselves busy. While Reagan did love this jumpy thing se wasn’t up to any flips. A little more cautious feeling today.



The next two days were consumed by the actual race and post sleeping. The girls spent this time with their Nana and Papa and I’m sure had all sorts of fun. But, we were blessed to have them visit Daddy at Forest Hill for one Aide Station stop. THis stop was a good one for the family as we were able to crew right out of the truck. The only stop like this along the entire race.

Western States 100 2012

Nana was prepared with some cowbells so we were sure Dad would not miss this crew.

Western States 100 2012

Dad stopped long enough for one quick photo and then he was on his way once again. I hope seeing the gang gave him a let pep for his next few miles.