Truckee River Rafting

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For our last day in Lake Tahoe, Mom booked a river rafting trip for the whole gang. This river is very slow moving so it was more of a river float then any type of rapids.

Truckee River Rafting

It was a relaxing day for the adults as Sydney and Reagan actually wanted to do the hard work. They did pretty well for novices minus hitting a few rocks or the occasional beaching us into some bushes.


After a bit the girls were becoming a little weird and laxing in the rowing so we decided to take a break onto a little island made by the river forking into two.


Mom happened upon Sydney sitting like this in the river and Reagan laughing hysterically. Apparently Syd had to take a potty break and thought this the best place for such an activity. Given that we were not alone she was hoping to keep this a secret. But, Reagan was more then happy to share the news.


After a short break we were on our way with help from our Three Angels.


In a couple spots the river went under a bridge where we all had to duck down into the boat to avoid a headache. In our talking we weren’t quite prepared and hit the side of the bridge with our raft. Angela almost took a nose dive into the water with the jolt, but was quick enough to save herself. Eric then preceded to scold her and at the same time talk about how chivalrous it would have been for him to be able to save his bride if she did fall in. Then, mid-sentence and in super slow motion, Eric very ungraciously back flipped into the water himself. Everyone on the boat saw it happening but thought it was a joke so we all just watched it happen. Then simultaneously burst into laughter. Lets just say that the girls took it upon themselves to embarrass Eric about his fall for the rest of the day.


Within minutes of the fall I noticed a few beers floating down the river. And the girls immediately knew they belonged to Eric. Apparently, his makeshift cooler was not rapid ready and split open. No worries, Aunt Natalee came to the rescue and saved Eric’s beverages.



Can you tell from this smile how much this little one enjoyed this trip?


All in all a very fun and relaxing trip down the river. Mostly, through entertainment from those on board. Though, we could have enjoyed none of it without the river.