Leadville with the Sandovals

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The kids were all super excited this past weekend to spend time at the cabin with their friends the Sandoval family. Good thing our house sign, “Mr. Moose,” is finally all rusted up and ready to greet visitors. Thanks Papa!


First upon arrival Reagan and Link had some type of yard work to do. Not quite sure what this all entailed. But Ale was ready for any sudden attacks.


Our big activity for the weekend was again a first for our family. We had been thinking about purchasing kayaks for Turquoise Lake but figured we should first try to rent them first once. Although instead of kayaks we decided on canoes. Why you ask? Badge Work! Of course there is a canoeing badge to be had. The rental guys were all down at Twin Lakes this weekend so we all ventured down there for the day. This lake is calmer and not so big so it seemed perfect for our first attempt.

Here we are going through badgework before hitting the water. This included all sorts of stroke and safety instruction. Good thing I had the sense to google everything related to canoes before heading out. Reagan is too young to get the canoeing badge but she was really excited about being in the boat to my surprise. No whining on this one.


Sydney and I went out on the canoe for the first round. While one group was on the water another group was on the shore with Mr. Robert taking fishing lessons. Yep, the fishing badge! Robert is a big fisherman so he was more then happy to share his hobby with the kids. He came prepared with a variety of poles and bait so that the kids could get a feel for several types.



Just check out that casting!




Reagan, Kayla and I took the second hour out on the canoe together. It was a little rocky at times because every little movement makes the canoe tip. And Kayla couldn’t sit still. Once we calmed her down Reagan and I took off with a goal of reaching the other side of the lake. We made it within a stones throw before turning around. There and back in an hour. Reagan was a natural


Link and his Mom were out as well. I think everyone really enjoyed the entire Twin Lakes experience.


After Twin Lakes we took the Sandovals to the Leadville Fish Hatchery to complete the fishing theme. Always a fun stop for kids. We then finished out the day with ATV rides and play at the cabin.