Nations Day 2012

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Today was the annual Nations Day celebration at our school. Its always one of the favorite days of the year for the kiddos. And Mom too. The entire month of October is spent studying everything there is to know about one Nation around the world. Along with their regular studies of course. This year Reagan studied the country of Kenya. She was super excited to learn about an African country. They made great little animal books, Kenyan jewelry, and tried various foods. Each class also performs a skit of sorts about their country in front of the entire school and the parents. Here is Reagan all ready for her Kenyan presentation in her handmade Kenyan necklace.


As a service project her class raised money to buy Mosquito Nets for the people of Kenya. Reagan was so proud of this service project and went around teh house telling us all about the importance of these nets to the Kenyan people. As a thank you the charity supplies each child with a t-shirt. The shirts fit perfectly with their Kenyan outfits for the presentation.



For lunch the parents all brought in various African dishes for the kids to sample. The room smelled fantastic. But, Reagan would have no part of the sampling. She instead dined on the gourmet Lunchables. The kids all ate African style on the floor.



After lunch her class gathered to watch the Lion King, very fitting. The final event of the day is always the Parade of Nations. Parents line the play yard to cheer on the Nations. Always a fun filled day for the school.


Here is video of the class presentation. I had many parents tell me they thought Reagan was the best dancer. What do you all think? I’d say you can easily tell just how excited she was for this day.