Anderson Farms

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Today our AHG troop had a field trip to a local farm called Anderson Farms. It is a great place to spend a fall day as they are all decked out for the Fall Festival Activities. We started our day with a hay ride around the farm. This was billed as a family event so Reagan was super happy to have her buddy Ale around to share in the activities.


Our train timing was perfect as they were just starting the pumpkin canyon as we dove by. This thing was hilarious. They would load up the pumpkins and shoot them across the fields. They really got some good distance on them.


After the train we played on these giant tricycles for a bit. Reagan love them as she is all about bikes right now.


Next we decided to give the famous corn maze a shot. This is no ordinary corn maze. The aerial views of this are always amazing at how detailed they are. You need a good hour to get through these things. They even have their own bridges in case you get lost.


Along the paths you stop at various checkpoints. The theme of the maze this year was CSI. Each checkpoint ruled out one suspect in your crime. If you found all checkpoints you could find out who took the farmer, with what, and where. Turns out it was the chicken with a rope at the barn.


Here’s the detective with her clue book in hand.


As you can see from this pic, the corn was tall so it was no easy task to find your way through this enormous maze.


And Muddy!


Of course Ale was there too.


After the maze we did a few more farm activities before calling it a full day. Always a fun fall day at Anderson Farms.