Surfing With Dad

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Hawaii 2012

I took Reagan out surfing. She was having a great time. We caught the first wave and went a good distance. She was so excited. She went in an bragged to everyone what a great ride she had.

Hawaii 2012

Live action video of me with the kids with the GoPro.

So the next day, we went out again. Reagan and I immediately got pummeled by a big wave. She freaked out after getting knocked from the board. And my camera was off my head and into the surf. With another wave approaching and Reagan freaking out, I went for the kid instead of the camera to help her. She had a vest on and would have been fine but I felt like going for the camera was going to scar her for life. So I got her up on the board. I paddled around looking for the camera and she yelled at me about wanting to go and and something about not caring about my stinking camera. Pacific Ocean wins this time. A new GoPro will be on my doorstep when I get home.