No More Ropes

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Well, ski season is underway. Today was our first outing with our new season passes too! We got there in the afternoon and were ready to roll…except the kids did not have gloves. Somebody left the bag of gloves behind at home. We went to the ski shop and paid the dummy tax and bought new ones for them. Ski on! The first 2 runs had Reagan on the ropes again by choice. Then we took a break. For the rest of the runs, she demanded no ropes. Ah, its like taking off the training wheels. She is slow right now but that is OK. She will be booking in now time.

So here is a long video of 2 runs. 1 with ropes, 1 without. Mostly for her own viewing years from now when she is an Olympic downhill skier or something.

Great job, Reagan! So proud of you.