Field Trip

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I had the honor of escorting Reagan’s friends on the class field trip today. We went to the Fiske Planetarium at the University of Colorado. Fun trip and not too far from school. The kids had the show to themselves. An hour flying around the universe and learning about space. I enjoyed the presentation and would probably go back for … Read More

Mead HS Cheer Camp

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A couple of the neighbor girls are on the cheer team at the nearby high school. So when they dropped by to tell our kids they could join in a mini-cheer camp the girls were all in. I don’t know if they will be the athletes or the cheerleaders later in life but its clear that they want to be … Read More

Ski Weekend

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With a 4 day weekend and Natalee in town, the girls got some more time on the slopes. Part of me is still in disbelief that they ride the chairs by themselves. It was just a few years ago that I was clutching their coats the whole way up. Having fun yet? Break time! Reagan always has Mac-n-Cheese. I ate … Read More

Deep Snow

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A few weeks back, Reagan wanted a snow fort. The snow wasn’t packing. So we took a bunch of boards and made a flat surface on top of the snow. Then dug some out underneath. The fort wasn’t that great. “Wait”, I told her. Next time! So we arrive today and Reagan had forgotten all about this. So when she … Read More