Fall Soccer 2016

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Soccer Fall 2016

This was Reagan’s first season on a competitive team and it was a big learning experience. 3 days a week of practice plus games on the weekend. Lots of commitment and lots of training. She was so excited to be a part of something. She wore her team jacket to school and around town proud to represent the club.

Reagan’s team was the “B team” but they train together with the “A team” so she got even more visibility into the sport. She made a lot of new friends and really enjoyed getting out there each day.

The team did really well for the season. A mix of wins and losses. I will say that her games were the most interesting to watch. Seeing players develop into positions that fit their skills. Seeing the team move the ball as a team. I liked watching these games because the strategy was on and all the kids played their hearts out.

It was a long time coming but Reagan got her first goal IN A GAME EVER during the season. She played defense from the start of the season. But then mid season got transitioned to forward and middle a few times. In one game, she was just in the right place at the right time. Ball came into near the goal and she was there. It wasn’t the hardest kick I have ever seen but she took the shot and the goalie couldn’t get it. GOAL! She was so excited. That was a big monkey off her back finally.

Reagan will be back on the field with the team in the spring. But we go indoor next week to keep alive over the cold months with some futsal. Gotta keep touching that ball!