RV: Western Slope

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Traveled out to the Western Slope (That’s Colorado for the west side of our state) in the RV for the next adventure.  Stopped at our favorite town on the way — Glenwood Springs.  Been going to this pool forever.  Always enjoy it.  We go to small hot springs more often but you gotta go to the world’s largest in the summer.


We also went to Glenwood Caverns.  Another favorite.  The kids didn’t remember much of the caves.  I always enjoy the tours into the caves.  Just amazing inside.  Pictures suck in there.


How do you really photograph a cave?


Such weird formations that took millions of years to form.


Reagan and I took a selfie on the overlook.


There is the town down below.  You can see the world’s craziest swing there on the ledge.  I posted a video on Facebook of the kids on it.  It is totally insane.  Swings you out over that canyon.


More cave stuff.


Random shot of tour.  That guide was really good.  Dan the Cave Man.


Then there was this new ride. A giant swing. On a cliff. I hate the swings even in normal locations. My stomach just says it is getting too old. This one was ridiculous. They would swing you out over the canyon and if the cable broke (not that it would), you would basically fall a few thousand feet down to the Colorado River.


Kayla would ride with hands up. I swore to her to hold on so she didn’t fly out of the seat.


Ride the alpine coaster?  Sure!  Always fun.  Can’t use your phone on the ride so I just took one shot on the climb back to the start.


Another shot of the valley below.  Facing west.  That is I-70 winding its way out.


Kim rode the sweet zip ride.  They put you in the chair and back you up the mountain and let you fly back down.


After our time in Glenwood Springs, we headed further west to meet up with Tim, a friend, who lives in Grand Junction. It was pretty out there. Not such a fun place in the summer. First time we turned on the A/C in the RV to cool it down for the night. We decided to go with urban indoor adventures for the day. Here is a compilation Tim put together of the events.

To escape the heat, Tim took us up on the Grand Mesa. It sits at 10,000 feet so it was 40 degrees cooler than Grand Junction just 30 miles down below. It is the largest flattop mountain in the world. You drive up on top and it unveils a big forest with tons of lakes. So we got out the toys and played in the water. Tim made us a small video.

“I going to get one of these”, says Tim.


Cooper came along in the RV.  Our dogs didn’t come on the trip so it was fun to have a surrogate 4 legged friend for the day.


Nature’s TV trays for holding your lunch.


Sydney likes the board.  We didn’t have these when we were kids.  We had black intertubes.  Your butt would have been cold.


Later at dinner, Sydney believed she found good luck when her knife could pick up her spoon.


Before we headed out, Tim took us out to the desert to shoot guns. First time shooting a rifle. That was a kick.


Thanks the for the visit, Tim. It was good to see how they live on the Western Slope.