5th Grade Concert

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School is winding down for the year so the 5th grade had their annual music concert to celebrate. A variety of different musical styles on display. Reagan had a narration part as well that she pulled off quite well in front of a big crowd.


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Reagan was pretty excited about this birthday.  Must be the deal where you can’t count your age on two hands anymore. Dinner?  Red Robin.  I think is a record.  Probably been there every birthday since she can choose.  Not even sure if she just likes it or is sentimental at this point. Reagan is into Batman right now after the … Read More

Spring Break 2016

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Welcome back to Hawaii, Reagan.  She loves their exotic food there.  Oh wait… We spent time in the water together.  Reagan is the kid I can usually talk into some kind of sea adventure with me. Random shot at the snorkeling pool. At Waimea Valley, where they filmed Jurassic Park scenes.  We swam in that waterfall in the distance. When … Read More


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Well, I tried to raise good kids. But then their Aunt Natalee came to town and polluted their minds with this “boarding” stuff. Skis aren’t good enough any more I guess. Next thing you know they will be getting tattoos and doing drugs. So I guess you have to try everything once… I look down on snowboarders. Literally. Reagan under … Read More