Reagan Rides a Bike

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As a father, I don’t feel that I have many parental jobs that are solely my own. But the one that I distinctly own in our household is getting our kids transitioned from training wheels to a 2 wheeled bike. Sydney was my guinea pig and I learned a ton about this mysterious process in which you try and teach … Read More

Preschool Graduation

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Another school year is over. Reagan had her preschool graduation party today. The kids put together a little show for the parents and then we all headed outside for a picnic lunch. Next up, Kindergarten!!! Reagan’s Last Day of School from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Kindergarten Ready

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Reagan had her big test for kindergarten last week and she was very nervous about her results. She definitely has the smarts for kindergarten. Her problems rest in the whininess department. Apparently she still talks “baby talk” a lot in class and cries for Mommy when she gets upset. So we have been working on the big girl voice and … Read More

Happy 5th Birthday

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On the way back home from Boston yesterday, we reminded Reagan that her birthday was the following day. She was so excited. The big deal was that she would be one whole handful of fingers old! How exciting. I kept telling her that she would grow to be 5 while sleeping and when she woke up she would be bigger. … Read More

Happy Birthday

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Today my soon-to-be middle child is turning 4. Where has the time gone? Last week we were watching past birthday party videos of her. Hilarious. So this is what she did at craft time today. She wanted to be Uniqua on her birthday. More power to you, Peep.