Time For School

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Reagan took another step up the big girl ladder this week as she started pre-school! It is the same place she went last year for Mom’s Day Out so she is familiar with the place. She was very excited to go to school and get new teachers. However, upon arriving some of the other kids had lots of anxiety about … Read More

Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Today was finally the big day. With the party 2 days ago, Reagan now thinks that your birthday lasts many days in a row. To be a kid! Reagan picked her dining location — Red Robin. The bird himself was even there to sing to her. Afterwards, we came home and had some cake and opened presents. Reagan got a … Read More

Its Party Time

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Its almost Reagan’s birthday…big #3! No longer the terrible 2s. So we invited about 20 kids to the local “jumpie” place for an exclusive event! The kids jumped for about an hour and I think that was long enough to wear them all out. Ben, our favorite little neighbor dude, made quick work of learning how its done! Time for … Read More

Potty Time

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Today was Reagan’s first unassisted pee pee in the potty! (I will be happy when I can start saying non-baby words to describe these actions again.) It must be the new Diego potty. It just makes you want to do your business. She kept going in their and sitting on it over and over. She would come out and say … Read More

No Baby Here

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Reagan is now a really big girl. She has outgrown her crib and it was time for a new bed. We knew it was time because she often requested to sleep in “Papa’s Bed”, which is code for our guest bedroom. Normally, you might think a hand-me-down sucks, but Reagan thinks getting Nene’s old bed is very cool. She used … Read More