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Reagan was pretty excited about this birthday.  Must be the deal where you can’t count your age on two hands anymore. Dinner?  Red Robin.  I think is a record.  Probably been there every birthday since she can choose.  Not even sure if she just likes it or is sentimental at this point. Reagan is into Batman right now after the … Read More

Happy 10th Birthday

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10! That’s both hands with all the fingers. She made it. We made it. Birthdays on school days are hard but we made the most of it. She took a cookie pizza to school for the class. Then she opened gifts from family and friends after school. Her big gift was a skateboard. She is a tom-boy. It is a … Read More

9th Birthday

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Reagan always is anticipating her birthday for months in advance. She loves the fact that it is her day. And only her day. I think its some middle child syndrome kicking in. But we love that she loves it. Her birthday was on a school day which is always a mixed bag. But we had the presents ready to roll … Read More

8 Years Old

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Happy Birthday, Reagan! 8 years later. The numbers are growing on these birthdays to the point that I can’t remember much of a life before that time. Reagan’s birthday fell on a school day. She took in some “cookie pizza” that Mom cooked up for her as her class treat. She also opted for that as her dessert while we … Read More

Reagan’s 5th Birthday Party

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This year Reagan decided she wanted a birthday party at Chuck-E Cheese. Now Chuck-E is a good 30 minutes from the house so this meant a small party with just a few of her closest friends. It was was a bit crazy at times. But the kids had a blast. Her actual birthday was about a month ago but with … Read More