Indiana Summer Trip

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The kids took their first trip to Indiana without parents to visit family this past summer. I can’t really say what went on because I was a 1,000 miles away. Maybe they will share some stories in the comments. The kids had a great time and said they would go back.

Summer Visit to Fort Wayne

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On Monday we said goodbye to the lake and made the short drive back to Fort Wayne. The girls were so excited to be able to see Grandma Hakes’ new house for the first time. So we made that our first stop. They loved her new place. Especially the garden in the backyard and the fact that they had their … Read More

Lake Wawasee

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We dropped off the RV and were home for exactly two days before leaving for our next adventure. It was time for our annual summer visit to Indiana to visit the family. This trip is always less hectic then Christmas time. But, when you live in a desert climate you just wanna die when heading back to the Indiana humidity. … Read More

Flower Girl

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Reagan was chosen to be Flower Girl at Ryan and Lauren’s Wedding in Indiana. We graciously accepted the invitation and made the visit to Indiana to attend the festivities. Ryan is Kim’s nephew if you need to make the connection. Cousin Jonny, who is Ryan’s brother, was the ring bearer. Think there is going to be trouble? Time to rehearse. … Read More


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For Reagan, one of the highlights of any visit to Indiana seems to be hanging out with Cousin Jonny. This appears to be a mellow tea party of sorts. The rest of the time was spent looking at the 5 day old baby kitties. These guys are Zelda’s new brothers and sisters. Their mom gets around. We took ZERO home.