Mexican Spring Break

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Previously. Reagan was just a year old on her first trip to this spot in Mexico. So about 9 years later we return. She surely didn’t remember anything but I had fun reminding her what a pain in the ass she was. I had to wheel her around at night for hours in a stroller to fall asleep. Not anymore. … Read More

Flying High

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Our hotel in Mexico had an area filled with hammocks. Well, the kids all turned them into swings instead. The first time we put Reagan into the hammock she fell asleep. So a few nights when Reagan couldn’t get to sleep, Dad would bring her out to the beach to swing her to sleep. Here is some extreme hammocking!

Gringo Baby

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Not even eight months old and already vacationing out of the country. Bet you can’t say the same. Here are a few of the pictures from the whirlwind vacation to Puerto Vallarta. To everyone’s surprise Reagan was quite the little water baby. It was so warm and Mama was always nearby so what was there not to like. Daddy was … Read More