Elementary School Continuation

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She made it! Although I scared her when I told her that a single A- might cause her to be held back. Gotcha! 5th grade was a tough year for Reagan on a few fronts at school but not academically. We are really excited for her to be moving on to the next chapter — middle school! She will get … Read More

Wax Museum

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This was something I hadn’t seen done before. The 5th graders all were assigned a historical figure. They had to memorize a speech and then participate in a “wax museum”. Upon arrival, we saw a grid formation of these students, I mean characters. All dressed in costume representing their character. They stood still and when you walked up to them … Read More

Field Day

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Today was the district field day where many elementary schools take a bus to Longmont High School and compete in events against each other. Reagan came away with a bunch of ribbons after placing as high as 2nd in some events. Such a fast kid! I can’t wait until she races someday.

5th Grade Concert

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School is winding down for the year so the 5th grade had their annual music concert to celebrate. A variety of different musical styles on display. Reagan had a narration part as well that she pulled off quite well in front of a big crowd.