Introduction to our channel

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Hello and welcome to our new YouTube channel. In this video we are going to be showing you what kinds of videos were going to be making and a little bit about ourselves. We hope you like this video.

Powder Day

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We have been sort of spoiled this year with fabulous sunny warm ski weather. But the downside is that you don’t get a lot of snow with those conditions. Well, Aunt Natalee came to visit and on day one we had our first powder day of the year. Snowed pretty hard. We weren’t really sure how to ski in this … Read More

Ski Cooper

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A productive first weekend of the 2013 ski season with my chicas. I dropped my pole off the lift minutes after this photo and had to go retrieve it solo. The girls headed down another route by themselves and I joined them later. Crazy…I remember when they couldn’t ski. Probably more proud of this than teaching them how to ride … Read More

No More Ropes

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Well, ski season is underway. Today was our first outing with our new season passes too! We got there in the afternoon and were ready to roll…except the kids did not have gloves. Somebody left the bag of gloves behind at home. We went to the ski shop and paid the dummy tax and bought new ones for them. Ski … Read More